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Radibems Sdn Bhd (639095-W)

Radibems Sdn Bhd (Radibems) specialises in biomedical engineering technology management services providing vital cost-effective solutions and reliable operations and maintenance of all medical equipments.

Radibems’ strengths lie in its in-house technological expertise and affiliations with renowned international organisations in the healthcare industry, namely ECRI in USA and FBE in Australia.

The company applies the risk-based concept of maintenance whereby devices in hospitals are categorised according to the risks associated with their application for patient care. This is an advanced model of biomedical engineering maintenance and a value-added service that distinguishes Radibems from other service providers.

Radibems’ affiliation with ECRI, the world leader in healthcare technology information and technical assistance, means that the same core competencies are also available to Radibems’ customers. Through this affiliation and Radibems’ competent workforce, customers are thus assured of the highest value of technology management and advisory services.
RadiFEMs Sdn Bhd (639111-H)

RadiFEMs Sdn Bhd (RadiFEMs) offers cost-effective facilities management solutions and reliability in the operations and maintenance of public and private buildings and facilities.

RadiFEMs plays an important role through its customer-centred services and programmes to meet the lifecycle needs of various types of facilities and enhance performance of assets.

RadiFEMs integrates communications, technology, and processes to deliver information and services critical to the daily operations of facilities.

As one of Radicare subsidiaries, RadiFEMs delivers comprehensive maintenance of the hospital facilities. Today, RadiFEMs has the capability to extend its operational maintenance expertise to commercial complexes and buildings, industrial sites and retail premises. The different needs of the sectors provide opportunities for sharing of experience and skills to further improve delivery of the Hospital support service industry.
Medilaund (M) Sdn Bhd (306659-A)

Medilaund (M) Sdn Bhd (Medilaund) is a specialised linen processing and rental company that is regarded as a pioneer in the linen and laundry industry since its inception.

It is today the largest operator for medical laundry in Malaysia. It provides solutions that cover end-to-end linen and laundry services in assisting its customers to optimise the use of their linen.

Medilaund has developed its own competencies through the establishment of 2 laundry plants with the capacity of washing at 75 tons per day. The company has the capability to carry out international linen sourcing and undertake central sterile linen services for operation theatres and these value-added products come with the service package.

Medilaund’s technologically advanced central laundry system provide an integrated washing processes that meet the New Zealand and Australian standards. End users are assured that the level of services provided exceeds their expectations as the services are benchmarked against the service standards set by leading Asia Pacific countries.
ClinWaste (M) Sdn Bhd (306486-H)

Incorporated in 1997, ClinWaste possesses extensive experience and expertise in the management of clinical waste in the country.

ClinWaste offers integrated clinical waste management services that comply with the Environmental Quality Act 1974 and the Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005. Its incinerator plant efficiently treats all categories of clinical waste.

In addition to the delivery of services, ClinWaste also offers their customers consultancy and advisory services on the approved method of handling, statutory regulations and supply of consumables. Over the years, ClinWaste has received several certifications which include MS ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 18001:2007.
Radifleet Sdn Bhd (639129-K)

Radifleet Sdn Bhd (Radifleet) evolved from the need for absolute reliability in the maintenance of a vast number of motor vehicles of various makes and models.

The services that Radifleet provides include:
  • Fulfilling the logistic requirements of other subsidiaries for clinical waste collection & clean trolley delivery, for soiled linen collection & clean linen delivery to and from our clients. This demanding management and scheduling operations have been perfected by Radifleet.
Radifleet has a major well-equipped service centre dedicated to providing comprehensive services. To support its vehicle maintenance and management function at other regions, Radifleet has established a network of workshop operators within Radicare’s operating zones. Radifleet is also the authorised ‘2S’ agency (spare parts and service) for IVECO-make vehicles in Malaysia. The services for IVECO vehicles are supported by a network of competent panels in the various parts of the country including Sabah and Sarawak.
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